Once again it has been too long

Once again, I have let my blog go for a number of months without posting anything.  Well, I have been busy as always and simply put posting here has not been a priority.  Over the last few months I have gotten back into Ham Radio, which I have been involved with for more than ten years, I know since I had to renew my licenses.  Also during the winter months my I seem to let my camera sit in the bag too much of the time as I like to shoot outdoors and I really don’t like to spend too much time outside in the winter.  I have not posted anything the my photo gallery for a long time as that has also not been a priority.

Last week I did attend Hamvention in Dayton, OH which is one of the largest, if not the largest gathering of Ham Radio operators and electronics enthusiasts.  It as the first time that I made the trip to this annual event.  I enjoyed it and had a great time.  As many have said before, if it is something the interests you at all you have to attend at least once.  Also, on the Ham radio side of the world I have been playing with D-Star and am enjoying the options that it opens.  I will try and post more information about D-Star and what I have learned in the near future.

Last summer I sold my ATVs as they were not getting used and I was getting to the point were it felt too much like work to go riding for a few hours.  Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed riding while riding, it was the travel to and from the trail and all of the maintenance on all of the machines that was the work.  Not to mention the expense of up keep and storage.

Well, I think that is all for now.  I will try and make a point to post something more often.

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