It has been a while

Wow, I just realized that I did not post anything in all of 2012, how bad is that.  I guess, I have not had anything that I really thought was worth posting.  Over all not a ton as changed.

Over the last year, I have worked on a few different items.  The first has been me getting back in to listening to the scanner some more, something that I have done on and off for the last twenty years or so, oh, how it has changed since I had my ten channel scanner.  I have spending sometime working getting a system to decode and email me when a fire page is sent out.  It works most of the time and it is neat to listen to, but I usually just end up deleting the emails.  I have continued with my photography, I took some nice photos, but have not been out shooting as much as I should, not to mention I need to work on my post processing.  Also, this fall we decided to cancel out satellite television subscription and start using MythTV again.  I had most of the hardware from before.  It really came down to we were paying more for the service than we used it.  It has been almost four months now and I am not missing anything.  A couple weeks ago we installed a Nest Thermostat in our house, so I will try and post an update with how that is working also.

Well, I hope to post some more this year, well at this point I have now posted more than last year.

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