New Laptop Toshiba Satellite T115

A couple weeks ago I was at Microcenter and noticed a new small laptop.  The laptop that I noticed was a Toshiba Satellite T115-S1105 the price and form factor fit what I had been thinking about for some time.  This machine looks like a netbook, but is much more for not much more money.  In fact I had started by looking at the Toshiba NB205, but I was going to want to upgrade Windows and the RAM in the computer, so why not opt for this other version.  I must say that I am happy with the laptop.  It is not the most powerful machine in the world, but for the size and battery life, it does what I need it to most of the time.  It is rated at 9 hours and 20 minutes of battery life, now I have not really tested this to see, but I have easily gotten over six hours with no issue and battery to go.  It handles web browsing and basic office type tasks with ease. iTunes can at times being the machine to a crawl as can video play back.  Both of these seem to be related to the U2700 CPU that is in the machine.  The CPU is a ultra low voltage chip that gives great battery life, but is a bit on the weak side.  It will play back most video fine, but may stutter from time to time if something else is going on.  Also, the buttons for the touch pad are a bit stiff.  The button is a single piece with a sensor on both ends and for it to work you really need to click on the end of it otherwise the click does not register.

All things considered I am very happy with this machine as it is small, light weight and has a battery that will last all day.

Would I use a netbook

Over the last several months I have been attached to the various netbooks on the market.  Yesterday, I was listening to Mobile Tech Roundup and heard Kevin talking about the Toshiba NB205 netbook, and peaked my interest.  I had seen this device a couple of times, in the past, but never thought too much about it.  The battery lift is one items that really peeked my interest, I thought really nine hours on a charge.  Well, as we know those number tend to be a bit altruistic, but even if I could get six regularly, I would be happy.  Also, these the keyboards on these devices have come a long way from when the first Eee PCs arrived on the market.  I had the a change to spend a few minutes with the NB205 yesterday at the local Microcenter and I must say the keyboard and track pad are very usable unlike some other models I have seen in the past.  Also, the track pad buttons are located under the pad rather then on the sides, which I much prefer.  The issue that I have is can I would with the low resolution screen of a netbook.  I am writing this post on a monitor that does 1280 by 1024, nothing special, but bigger than 1024 by 600 as many of the netbooks are.  Also, I have some concerns about the speed, but for the battery life, I think that I could deal with it, after all, it is not much slower then my almost four year old desktop.  I am sure there are other models that have other benefits that I have not seen yet, but I will keep looking and maybe someday I will pull the trigger and purchase one.  The real question still remains would I use a netbook?