Mobile Phone Update

Well, I made the decision to go with the iPhone 4S on Verizon.  It was delivered on Friday and so far I am impressed with the device and the network.  No network is perfect, but in the little testing I have done this weekend in spots that were dead or almost dead on my Nexus One on T-Mobile had usable signal on Verizon.  There are locations where the signal is weaker, but that is also to be expected.  Only time will tell.

What mobile phone to get on which carrier?

Well, I think that I have made up my mind that it is time for a new phone and probably time to leave T-Mobile since they ended their roaming agreements with AT&T in some of the areas that I tend to spend sometime in. Yes, they have service in most of these areas, but it is poor at best in most locations. I can see that there is service form AT&T, but I am only able to use it for emergency calls, which is nice to know that it is available, but still not ideal. With that being said I am leaning toward making the jump to Verizon, yes it will be more every month for the same features, yes their are data caps. If my data usage stays the same I am not too concerned as I use no where near the cap. So am I missing something in deciding to switch carriers?

The next decision is what phone to get, as you can probably guess based on the timing of this I am thinking about the iPhone 4S, as I seem to be more and more Apple centric in what I use and do with technology in the past couple years. I have an iPad, Mac and iPod Touch. Currently my personal phone is a Nexus One on T-Mobile and that is the phone that I would be replacing, I also have a work phone that is an EVO 4G on Sprint, so I will still have an Android phone. I am also open to getting an Android phone on Verizon also, but the real question is which mobile OS to go with? What features that I have come to love on my Nexus One am I going to miss if I make the move to iOS. What are the pluses to moving to iOS. I am a Google Voice and Google Latitude user so how well do these apps function or not on iOS compared to Android? I enjoy photography and the camera on the iPhone’s in the past seem to be far superior to anything on any of the Android phones.

The bottom line is should I switch carriers and/or mobile phone OS? If I do what are good and bad of each?

G1 Update

Well, I have had my G1 for almost six months now and I must say that I am enjoying the device.  Yes, it is a bit of an odd design and it is a bit bulky, but nothing that I am not already familiar with having own and many Windows Mobile phones.

Well, as I stated in another post I have made it to over six hundred hours of uptime, heck the other day I was just shy of six hundred and fifty hours when I was forced to reboot the phone to get the radios working again.  I had just landed at the airport after returning for being out of town for work and the phone worked for a few minutes and then just refused to communicate with the outside world at all.  Oh, well, I would not have made it much past seven hundred hours since I just received the Android 1.6 update for my phone.  The odd thing this time is that it did not come overnight, it was right in the middle of the day.

I have not been running the new version of Android for long on the phone, but the updates to Google Maps and the Market are very noticeable and seem to feel a more polished.
The other itme that I am noticing is that it appears that the T-Mobile site near my house has been upgraded to support 3G now, that is nice, but in turn since I am right on the edge, my location based services have a hard time deciding where I am based only on the cell radio.  Some times it knows I am close to home and other times it puts me a few towns away and yet other times it has no idea where I am.  If I force the phone to 2G it will find my location in no time.  Also, if I am in an area that is covered very well by 3G it will locate me just fine.  It must be because I am right on the edge.  I must also say the the locations based on Wifi are amazing, It locates me on the correct block and within a few hundred feet of my house, a bit scary in some respects.

Over all, I am still very happy with the phone and the service, I am also glad to see T-Mobile expanding their 3G network.

G1 Uptime

Well, I got  an alert that there was an update waiting to install on my G1 (HTC Dream) today, but before I let it install I took this picture showing the phones uptime.  I am not aware of many smart phones that can come near an uptime of over 25 days.  I know my Windows Mobile phone needs to be rebooted on a regular basis.


If you have a phone that will has a great uptime please comment.  Also, I am shooting for 1000 hours next time.