Grado Labs SR60i

A few months ago I was looking for some headphones to use when I was working on the computer or was in a location that I really didn’t need or want the noise blocking properties for my Etymotic Research hf5‘s. I did some digging on the web and found that there were a lot of opinions about which over the ear headphones where the best.  Now, we all know that being the best is very much about personal preference.  I have heard about the Grado SR60‘s before and the model kept popping up in my research so I decided that I wanted to get me hand on a pair of them.  Once I got them, I must say I was impressed with the sound the quality of the head phones.  They sounded awesome.  The fit could use some improvement as my ears hurt a bit after having them on for a number of hours.  Overall, for the price the sounds is fantastic.  Also, since they are an open diaphragm design it is easy to hear what is going on around you, which can be great at time and a downfall at others.

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