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G1 Uptime

Well, I got  an alert that there was an update waiting to install on my G1 (HTC Dream) today, but before I let it install I took this picture showing the phones uptime.  I am not aware of many smart phones that can come near an uptime of over 25 days.  I know my Windows Mobile phone needs to be rebooted on a regular basis.


If you have a phone that will has a great uptime please comment.  Also, I am shooting for 1000 hours next time.

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Some Photos Posted

Over the last few days I have made the decision to use Gallery2 as I was on the old site for my photos.  I have also started posting some of my photos online.  All of the photos from my trip to Hawaii in June are now online.  I will be continuing to post older photos as I have time.   Check out the gallery at

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