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Server Update

I was just able to spend some time working on the new server and got the outbound email to relay correctly now.  This means that email notifications from the website are now functional.  Great news.  More features will be added to the site as time goes on.  I am working on getting a photo gallery online next as I have a bunch of photos that I would like to share.

I have a test gallery on line.  I am not totally sold on the gallery that I am testing with, so it may change.

So, with that being said anyone with information or recommendations on galleries to be used with WordPress please let me know.

Well, I decided the needed something more lake Gallery2, so I installed that and have started to put some of my photos up.  I will have more information once I get the link between WordPress and Gallery2 working.

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New Blog

Well, since the move to the new server, I decided that it was time to try out a different CMS for my personal site.  I had not posted on the old one in over a year, if I rember correctly.  Maybe, just maybe I will post somthing more often now. You never know.

If you have any tips or would like to be setup as a user to be able to post comments will I work through some of the remaining issues and sites to get back online drop me an email.

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Server Problems

Well, as you may notice the site looks different again and a number of sites are down.  The old server was long out of date and it is now offline.  I am in the process of moving all of the sites over to the new server.  I would like them to all be online this week, but we all no how time escapes us.


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